Spring Arrived in Brooklyn

When preparing for my move to NYC, I was fairly certain that there were only a few neighborhoods that were affordable for me.  I spent a ton of time researching apartments in West Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn.  Craigslist had become my new best friend.

I was fortunate enough to come across an appealing ad. Two girls, one in fashion and one in high-end jewelry sales, were looking for a sublet for their third bedroom in a little neighborhood known as Bushwick in Brooklyn.  I was familiar with the area, I had  visited some friends there once before.  The rent was reasonable, the place included a washer/dryer, and there was a backyard- perfect for my pit bull, Cami.  Within a week I had signed an agreement.

In my first month of being in Bushwick, I did not do a ton of exploring due to the extreme weather conditions that I was not quite prepared for wardrobe wise. Once Spring came, I was ready to learn my bearings and introduce Cami to hers.  Cami and I explored much of Brooklyn by following the J/M/Z train to the Williamsburg Bridge.  We then crossed the bridge into Manhattan, which was amazing. I also discovered Prospect Park with a few friends, which is Brooklyn’s version of Central Park.  It’s big, beautiful, and full of life.  There is a lot to explore there.  We went to the zoo (which was wack- don’t bother), but mainly just laid out on the grass on top of a hill, listened to Citizen Cope, and stared at the clouds.  It was nice to reconnect with nature that afternoon- it had been a while.

One of my favorite days of Spring 2015 was my Sunday-Funday field trip to Coney Island.  I went alone and loved every minute of it.  I explored the boardwalk, treated myself to tacos and a margarita, and walked the pier.  It was a little chilly but I laid out on the beach and worked on my tan.  I headed home relaxed and bronzed.

Spring of last year most definitely brought about new life for me.  A few friends had visited which made a huge difference. I was also making new friends.  Not only are people are so much more pleasant during the spring, they are out!  Cue happy hours and rooftop parties.  It’s amazing.  At this point in my journey I was optimistic, hopeful, and content- which is really all you can ever ask for.  I began to realize that the warmer the weather, the better life became.  No more thoughts about leaving New York, I was home.

FullSizeRender (6)

(Cami on the Williamsburg Bridge)


(Coney Island from my Sunday-Funday adventure)



(pictures from when my friends that came to visit)

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