My NYC Pros/Cons List – From 3 Weeks In

I made this pro’s and con’s list after I had lived in New York for 3 weeks.  My updated remarks are in bold/italic.

Now that I’ve been in New York for about 3 weeks, I think it’s time that I reflect on new things that I dislike/LOVE about it.

Let’s start with dislike. And let me put this out there – prior to moving to New York I could not FATHOM disliking anything about it. How quickly things can change:
1) Just missing the train. Well yea, who likes that?
2) How long it takes to get from Bushwick into Manhattan on a week day morning. It’s really not that bad, at most, 30 min
3) How long it takes waiting for the M train. You wait outside and it’s still winter and really cold right now. I rarely take the M train now
4) The struggle of finding a bathroom while working. I’m in outside sales. My only constants besides working is drinking coffee and finding a bathroom. I no longer do business to business sales
5) No grass for the most part. Poor Cami.  We planted grass in the backyard
6) No Chick fil A, or Bojangles. Anyone who knows me knows this is a huge loss. We have a Chick-fil-A now, have since October, and I’ve never went to it
7) Nothing that used to be easy is easy. Going to the grocery store, running errands,.. it’s all a struggle. I have yet to go to a grocery store, I buy what I need at my deli
8) My closest friends and family don’t live here. I have new close friends that feel like family
9) Kids on the train unaware of the size of their book bags. I should add, adults on the train that are unaware of the size of their bookbags
10) Rats.  I don’t pay them any attention
11) IT’S STILL SO COLD HERE. WHY?? This year we’ve had unusually warm weather

Now.. New things that I LOVE:
1) Just barely catching the train… ahhhh… yes, it’s always a great feeling
2) The looks on people’s faces when they just barely catch the train… I don’t notice anymore
3) 4pm-8pm, drink like a rockstar at almost anywhere in the West Village guilt-free. I rarely go anywhere to drink in the West Village anymore
4) The views.. I work with high-end restaurants and hotels, and some of the views are too incredible to describe. I no longer work in these places anymore but I have new views
5) The view from the M train as you cross over the bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan… Same feeling
6) You never know what entertainment will be provided while waiting in the subway. Don’t notice as much because I’m always reading or listening to music
7) Understanding looks from those around you when some outlandish activity is occurring nearby. I still love this connection
8) Starbucks. If you need one, keep walking no more than 3 blocks and you’ll find one. These are so clutch when you need to use the bathroom or charge your phone. Unless you’re in Union Square, Times Square or any other place they want to discourage you from hanging around. So many better places than Starbucks I’ve discovered
9) Random acts of kindness. All day, everyday. And it’s more beautiful here for some reason. Maybe because everything is so unbelievably real. Same feeling
10) Seeing how excited tourists are to see something you’ve been passing everyday. Makes you remember to be grateful. Same feeling
11) Dogs. Dogs everywhere. Cute dogs wearing vests and boots. Same feeling
12) Any kind of food you want. Same feeling
13) Seamless. Delivers any kind of food you want, cheaply. Same feeling
14) Getting your eyebrows waxed is cheap and convenient. Same feeling
15) Rapping Nicki Minaj out loud waiting on the train with my headphones in and no one even looking at me. I rap way more than just Nicki Minaj.  I try some Brooklyn favorites, Jay Z, Mos Def, Biggie Smalls…
16) Singing Bonnie Raitt out loud walking to my apartment from the train with my headphones in and no one even looking at me. Same feeling
17) The nearest bodega is 29 steps from my apartment and I can get a fresh sandwich, chips, a drink, and chocolate cake for 6 bucks. I still get this exact meal multiple times a week
18) I can see the entire island of Manhattan from my roof. Heaven at sunset. Heaven at night. Same feeling
19) Anything in the world I want to do is within 30 minutes of travel. Same feeling
20) If you can dream it, you can do it here, and there are dreamers everywhere here. It’s beautiful. – yes, yes, yes….

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